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Our Rooms

At Sunny Socks we have rooms to cater for children's individual development.

Jelly Tots (3 months to 2 years of age)

Within the Baby/Toddler rooms we aim to give a consistent, secure foundation by working in partnership within our team & alongside our children’s parents & carers. The facilities include our quiet room for those times when a child needs to just enjoy the company of others & to ‘snuggle’ with their key person. This is also where our children sleep in either cots or fold away beds. The quiet room adapts throughout the day to accommodate the needs of the children. It can become a sensory or ‘Heuristic’ area which gives the children the opportunity to explore a wide range of natural, recycled everyday objects & materials.

Between the two rooms we have a connecting area which provides adaptable changing facilities where one to one engagement takes place when babies are changed. A fridge provides safe storage for snacks & meals that have been provided from home together with specialised milk that is sometimes needed. There is a sink & storage area where we can sterilise bottles, toys & cups as well as store powdered milk for those who need it.

Children have their own individual storage box where changing materials are kept alongside comforters & bedding. Within the main play area we encourage the children to explore throughout & encourage independence within a supportive & safe environment.

We have purpose built furniture & storage allowing babies & toddlers to freely access toys. We have a home corner/role play area where all ages can explore fruit & vegetables, make a cup of tea or learn how to take a doll for a walk in a buggy. We have provided a cosy book corner with rugs, cushions & books that are accessible by all to aid communication & first words.

All children have access to sand & water play that can be placed on the floor for babies to access or placed at a suitable height for toddlers to stand at. Also located in this area is the ’Baby Gym’. This popular piece of equipment encourages children of all abilities to safely navigate steps & a slide. Most will use this area as soon as they can crawl so they can copy what the big children do! Throughout the day the babies & toddlers are able to access our rural outdoor environment. They are taken into the garden to play or walked or pushed in a buggy to the farm to see the cows & tractors.

All of these facilities link to the 3 Prime areas of learning & development

Clever Kittens (2 - 3 years of age) 
Clever Cats (3 - 4 years of age)

We operate in all areas of the setting which means the children have the time to become active learners and critical thinkers.
In the Clever Kitten/Cat rooms we provide a stimulating & inviting environment with resources that are accessible & open ended.
The children have free access to an outside play area as well as a large garden. We take frequent walks to the farm situated behind the Nursery, where the children can learn and talk about animals, plants and farm machinery, ensuring lots of fresh air and puddle jumping!
Throughout the day each child has the opportunity to independently explore the setting. They are able to select a variety of toys and activities to help develop their social, physical and communication skills.

In the playroom is a computer, allowing the children to operate simple child appropriate software and develop their I.C.T skills. The book corner is a cosy, inviting area where children can feel comfortable and relaxed when selecting from a variety of books and story sacks.
Creatively they have the opportunity to sing songs, make music and dance every day. They develop their early writing skills by participating in a variety of mark making tasks using different implements and materials.
Our undercover play area allows children to be imaginative, physical and creative. One day it may be a hairdressers, doctors, a dance floor or a chance to practice skills on the climbing frame.
The craft room enables all children to access a variety of 'messy' activities. They can create elaborate models from junk materials, mould and manipulate play dough, explore their senses using sand and water or simply paint!
Through carefully planned child and adult led activities, based around individual needs and interests, we provide a secure and firm foundation for learning and developing in the future.

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